Pastel Pink and Cobalt Blue

Winter can be a gloomy season, so liven up your wardrobe with a coat that stands out! I usually stick to neutral colored coats because they match with everything. However, this year I decided to change things up and add more life to my winter outwear with this cobalt coat from Forever 21.  
The best part about this coat aside from purchasing it on sale (I'm on a college budget!) is that I can wear it quite frequently because the color complements many of the pieces in my winter wardrobe.
Coat and Jeans-Forever 21
Sweater- H&M

Cropped Floral

 I love cropped tops. I'll wear a cropped to class, running errands, even to church...yes, I said church! Many people view cropped tops as immodest because they believe that wearing a cropped top means that midriff will be exposed (I see no problem in exposing some midriff tastefully). However, I believe that these tops are quite versatile because they can be dressed up and down. I wore this floral cropped top with a midi skirt to church over the weekend, and as you can see, no midriff was exposed! The key to styling cropped tops for more conservative venues is to pair them with high wasted bottoms or layer them over longer tops so that you will not feel overexposed.

I have been itching to wear this squirt since my mother gave to me over the summer. However, it sat in my closet for months until I found the perfect top to wear with it. Thankfully, I found this top while browsing through Forever 21 last week. 

Top-Forever 21
Shoes-Ann Klein