Brown Wrap Dress: Owning your Power and Magic

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Dress-Asos | Necklace-Asos | Shoes-Zara | Sunglasses-Forever 21

I love this dress. It's classy, timeless, and sexy. The wrap style makes it flattering and the split in the front gives a sultry leg tease. Also, the price is amazing and it's on sale! So if you like it grab it from Asos before it's gone. I styled it with these pink sunglasses because I was waiting for the right time to wear them since the day I bought them and pink looks so good with brown. I'm not one to follow every trend but I am absolutely loving the dusty pink trend this season (it also helps that I already own a few pink items). I elevated my feet with bright orange pumps that are perfect for fall (first worn here) and this delicate choker.

This photoshoot was so much fun and perfectly captured my vibrancy. I'm an introvert by nature but once I begin to feel comfortable, I'm actually quite bubbly. Rae and I shot this look on the corner of a busy street with many people driving by. At first, I was nervous because I didn't wan't all the attention. After a while, I didn't care that people were starting at us and cat calling because we were having so much fun! I felt free and it didn't matter if people were staring me down or judging me because I was in my element. I'm magic and sunshine and my light was shining brightly and fearlessly. Plus I think some of those people had fun watching Rae and I so I guess we were giving them a good show. In some ways life is a show, just make sure you're the one who's running your show.

At this moment in my life I feel happy, strong, confident, powerful, beautiful, and sexy. I've worked hard and prayed even harder to get where I am in life. I am sunshine and magic (made by God) and I own every once of it. However, there are times when I find it hard to express my magic and dim my light without realizing it. With the end of the year soon approaching, I keep asking myself what I can do to live a more impactful life? How can I be constantly fulfilled? How can I create more meaningful content? How can I stay motivated and not burn out? I am doing enough?

From interacting with my friends and other people (particularly other millennials), I've realized that I am not alone. Many people ask themselves these questions and we actually know the answers, we just think we don't. So I'm going to answer my questions and if you share my sentiments, hopefully these answers will help all of us. I can be constantly fulfilled by engaging in activities I enjoy, embarking on new challenges and doing things that scare me. This might sound corny but solving a difficult problem or making a decision that "saves the day" at work gives me an adrenaline rush. It reminds me that I'm powerful and my decisions matter. The easiest way to stay motivated is to remember why you started. I know that sounds cliche but it's true. Empires were not built in a day. All the great emperors of the world sought domination fiercely and they did not stop until they accomplished their goal. Pacing yourself helps to avoid burnout. Now if you work in a fast paced environment like me, take time for yourself whenever your schedule allows. Sometimes that will mean skipping on a night out of fun with your friends so you can get the sleep and relaxation you desperately need. We all can create more meaningful content by creating the visions that live inside our heads. What good is a "great idea" if you don't do anything with it? I''ll be the first one to confess that I struggle with that but giving myself deadlines to accomplish my life goals will help. Only you can answer the question about doing enough but if you're feeling unfulfilled, you're probably not doing enough or not doing things the right way.

Finally, stop constantly seeking validation from others! Yes, we all need a pat on the back and encouragement at times, but there will not always be someone positive around to give us that encouragement. You really have to be your biggest cheerleader and learn to encourage yourself. Not everyone wants you to win and there are people who will try to bring you down and discourage you from growing in life. I've been feeling like this a lot lately and it has resulted in me shutting people down in the most respectful way possible. There are people in this world who are miserable and struggling because of the poor decisions they have made. Do not look to those people for validation and support because they will discourage you. Those people are poison. Find a support system who genuinely wants you to win in life and is not threatened by your success. That support system will come in the form of ambitious, intelligent, and positive people. If you don't have people like that in your life, you probably need to distance yourself from some relationships and foster new healthy relationships. Remember this: if it doesn't help you grow, its time to let it go!

Have a blessed week and remember that you are fabulous and powerful! In other words: you good, you poppin. We got this!


  1. Love this!! Your works always resonate deeply. Keep shining girl! #blackgirlmagic

  2. Great post. Love the classy, timeless dress...and you wear it well. I love your crown of hair! Very thought provoking post too!


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