White Corset Dress, Strappy Sandals and Self Love

When you love yourself and walk with God, it shows. The glow is different!
These days loving myself looks like setting boundaries for the sake of my health, releasing things that are weighing my spirit down, resting when I feel weary and dedicating more time to the things I'm passionate about like fashion, God, spending time with loved ones, wellness and self-improvement.

Dress- Asos | Sandals- Nine West

Loving myself also looks like styling cute outfits and what I love most about this outfit aside from the details is that everything is on sale! This dress is perfect for summer but can also be transitioned into the fall with tall boots or even sneakers if you're feeling sporty. These shoes are not only on trend, with the strappy detail, they are also comfortable and easy to walk in. If you love this look, get it because its currently on sale!

7 Truths We all Should Accept: Reflections on turning 27

Today marks my 27th journey around the sun! To celebrate, I thought it would be fitting to share 7 truths I’ve come to accept in the days, months and years leading up to this point in my life. Because my birthday is in August, this is always a month filled with reflection. I think it’s important to take inventory of your life every so often; reflect on the things you like and dislike, meditate on the things you have learned, and reflect on the person you are in the present moment.


1.     You control your own narrative. Create a life you're proud to live and take charge of your story.

2.     You are not for everybody and that is okay. You will be too much for some people and not enough for others.

3.     You can be in a good mental state and still experience feelings that don’t make you feel good. That’s called being human

4.     The way people treat you is a reflection of their character, not yours. If they treat you well, embrace it. If they don’t treat you well, don’t take it personal or internalize their actions.

5.     Slow progress is still progress. Celebrate it.

6.     Discipline is the vehicle that allows you to accomplish goals.

7.   Growing apart from people you love is part of life. Honor the relationship for the goodness it brought you and the lessons it taught you. You can live in peace, love and respect someone from a distance.

Growing From The Concrete

Top- Thread Tank | Jeans-Asos | Shoes- Asos

I firmly believe that the toughest situations produce the most growth. Becoming a mother challenged me to examine my mindset and made me think about the life I wanted to live and what I needed to do create that life. It started with me learning to embrace tough situations and finding a way to function outside my comfort zone. Nothing challenged me like becoming a mother in November of 2018 and the year that followed. Everything was hard for me, from learning how to care for a small human who mostly expressed himself through crying and a variety of facial expressions to adjusting to my position and changes at work. 

It was difficult to deal with so many changes at once, but giving up was not an option. I was desperate for a breakthrough so I spent a lot of time in prayer and found myself in a series of learning situations. I had to elevate my mindset to survive. It felt like everything was happening to me, but in time I came to realize that everything was working together for my good. I can honestly say I've experienced more growth and success within the last year and half than I have in several years combined because I learned to work with what I have, lean on God heavily and bloom where I was planted. 

When you grow through what you go through, you'll develop the strength to bust through the toughest of surfaces. If you find yourself in a challenging season and just want a way out, I encourage you to embrace this season of your life and be open to all it can teach you. You have the power to bloom wherever you are planted! 

Small Steps in The Right Direction + Slip Dress

Dress- Target | Sneakers- Nike | Jacket-Anthropologie

Shoutout to everyone taking small steps towards accomplishing big goals. The journey may be long but the process will be worth it. The skills and confidence you develop during the process prepare you to handle the blessing of your goals. Celebrate every small victory and remember that slow progress is still progress so keep moving forward with faith that your goals are attainable!

Can we get into this slip dress?! I bought it from target months ago and love how versatile it is. It can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with sneakers and a jacket for a sportier look. Which look is your favorite?