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If you own a website, I am sure you have heard the word SEO before, but do you know what it actually stands for, or what it means? I put together a list of questions that I commonly hear people asking about SEO and digital marketing. I really hope this helps answer some of your questions that you may have!


What is SEO? To start out, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The reason you want to use SEO tactics for your website is because when you rank on search engines, you are more likely to be found by readers, which leads to more traffic. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get.

So, why is it even important to rank? We are currently in a digital marketing age and I do not see it going away anytime soon. If anything, I think we will become more and more in a digital marketing age and eventually, all paper advertising will be gone. With that being said, online marketing, or digital marketing is ESSENTIAL for businesses and bloggers.

How does SEO have anything to do with online marketing? SEO is the heart of online marketing. Yes, you have email lists, newsletters and social media, but SEO is what attracts most of your NEW readers to your website, if you are doing it correctly. Your goal is to provide quality content to your readers, but your goal for growing is to gain more readers, which is only done by marketing and word of mouth.

How does SEO affect Google searches? Let’s break this down for you: Pretend you are a searcher on Google. You need to find out information on how to pack for a trip with your baby, so you type in your question on Google. Which article do you click on? Would you go for the article on the first page, or would you click straight to the sixth or eighth page to find an article? (Hint: most people go for the first page). So, if your website is found on the first page, you are more likely to get traffic compared to a blog that has almost the same post as you, on the sixth page. Like I mentioned above, when you rank higher, you gain more traffic, leading to conversions, which is your ultimate goal.

Do I need to submit my website to Google?
You don’t need to submit your website to Google to become ‘ranked,’ they already have your information. :)

You are optimizing for readers, not for a search engine
Yes, you are trying to become ranked on search engines, BUT what it comes down to is that you are trying to make your website an inviting space where people want to come and gain insight into your life.


If I have more pages and articles, will I automatically rank higher?
NO. Just because you have tons of articles does not mean you are going to rank higher. You need to focus on putting out quality work compared to filling your website with useless articles.
Can SEO target people in certain areas?
Yes! It can target specific people and that’s a good thing, especially if you own a business!

How can I get started with SEO?
Getting started with SEO is as simple as doing research, but it takes a lot of time and effort, which is why I think it’s a great idea to hire professionals to do the heavy lifting for you. NJ SEO, a Search Company in NJ helps with all of your online marketing needs to make it easy for you. NJ SEO is the number one online marketing agency in the New Jersey area and they have the case studies and testimonials to prove that they really do beat out all of the other competition. NJ SEO provides service that they are proud of - their days do not start at 9am and end at 5pm, the communication between clients keep going, at all times. They even have an option to call them 24 hours a day, that you can find on their website. They say, “In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field.” Another way you know you are getting great service by using NJ SEO for your marketing need is by looking at the people that work for the company. For example, Matt Anton is listed in the top 62 Local SEO marketers. He is also cited as an SEO expert and worked as the former online marketing manager for Liberty Travel, with a 250k monthly budget. The facts about Matt are why NJ SEO is so successful and worth giving a shot with your marketing needs!

Matt Anton and family

If you own a website, or are thinking about starting a website, I really think these answers to frequently asked questions about SEO will help you! Don’t forget to check out NJ SEO if you are in need of online marketing - they will take great care of you.


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