Recognizing Your Purpose

Trust YOUR Journey

Social media makes life seem so fun, beautiful, and easy. How many times have you scrolled down your Instagram, feed perusing pictures of all the creative people who have managed to build careers out of their passions while balancing a thriving social life, and wonder if you're really on the right path? Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough with your life even though you're intelligent, educated, working a full time job, and paying your bills? Well, let me remind you that you're awesome because you're doing the best you can with the resources you have been blessed with. Maybe you sometimes feel down because you're stuck in a work environment that makes you dread Mondays and countdown to Fridays. However, one thing I have learned from interacting with and reading stories about "successful" people (I put success in quotes because there is no universal definition of success and it means different things to different people) is that their success did not come overnight. They worked at jobs they didn't love and devoted time towards nurturing their passions and strengthening their skills during their off time.You see, these people understood the importance of hustling and getting their bills paid even if it meant working long hours and then coming home to work on developing the craft they love. Life may seem challenging right now because your goals are not coming to fruition as quickly as you would like them to even though you're putting in the time and energy to make them a reality. However, I want to remind you how capable and awesome you are because you're doing everything you need to do. Trust your journey! If you plants the seeds for success and water them consistently, you will grow and turn your dreams into your reality. When you work hard and smart for the life you want, the long work days you hate will turn into long days that you love because you will be doing something that you enjoy. Pursue your passions until your passions pay your bills.