May your Dreams Take Flight + Saint Martin Vacation Style

May your dreams take flight and flourish and may your hopes be limitless! I was initially on the fence about going on vacation. The cautious part of me said stay home and save your money because you have a baby coming in a few months. Then the other part of me said book the flight and take the babymoon/family vacation you deserve because you work hard and you've earned it. I'm glad I listened to myself and booked the trip because this vacation and the beautiful experiences my family and I had were so worth it. I took a week off from work and my responsibilities at home to just be, breathe, and luxuriate in Saint Martin. Travel is a luxury I love to enjoy, even if I don't do it as often as I'd like to. 

I am so grateful for this life God blesses me to live each day. This trip made me realize I want my life to feel different, and that is okay. It's okay to enjoy where you are and have a healthy desire for more goodness, abundance, and areas of change. In my experience, the life you want does not get handed to you. You have to work for it, pray for it, and manifest it. Working and praying for a goal or desire is a form of manifestation in my opinion. 

One of the biggest things I want to change is my relationship to work. I want more freedom, flexibility, and financial security for my family and I, and I believe it's possible because of the way God has consistently elevated my life over the past two years. So when I returned home from vacation, I sat down and made a vision board with personal goals and desires, as well as desires for my family. Then I prayed on those things, and I do so often. Something about writing down my vision for my life at this moment makes it feel more attainable. So as you walk through this week, remember that it's okay to enjoy where you are in life while having a healthy desire for more goodness, abundance and areas of change. 


I saw this Farm Rio dress months ago and fell in love with it but refused to pay full price! Then, I started planning my vacation and searched for it but it was so out. So I went hunting for it on Ebay and got it brand new for nearly half the price! I love this dress because its colorful, comfortable, and I can wear it during and after my pregnancy (although I won't be able to fit it too much longer because mama is still growing this baby). Have you ever found some gems on Ebay?