Why I choose to Smile

This is a candid moment capturing me engaged in one of my greatest joys, laughter. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a happy person who smiles a lot. I don't smile because life is perfect,  my life is far from perfect. I smile because it makes me feel good and I believe in surrounding myself with people who make me smile regularly. I smile because God has blessed me, and while I face difficult times, I know that He will see me through. 

My future seems uncertain right now. I'm in my last semester of college and I still haven't found a full-time job. Sometimes I get stressed when I think about my situation. However, I am not worried because I firmly believe that everything will work out in my favor. Patience produces perseverance, and perseverance produces character. Therefore, I am persevering in my job search and growing stronger because I refuse to be defeated. 

If you're facing some challenges, I want to encourage you to find a reason to be happy and smile. Perseverance and hard work produce successful results. Remember that hard times don't last always. Trust your process and allow yourself to grow. Anything that allows you to grow will challenge you. 

There is no success without struggle. 

My Crown

I think all  of us women have days where we don't feel beautiful. I was having one of those days recently when my hair wasn't cooperating. I had a great vision for my hair: I washed it, twisted it, and attempted to style it into an up-do, but it wasn't working! I got really frustrated because I had a hairstyle that could not be salvaged. Then I decided to get creative and twisted some fabric head wrap. I used three pieces of Ankara Fabric that I purchased at an African market in Harlem over the summer. I felt like a queen in this head wrap!