Walking outside your comfort Zone + Styling a Blazer Dress

Opportunity lies in being flexible and saying yes to things outside your comfort zone. Sure, I think it's possible to learn new things and grow within the confines of your comfort zone but that growth will always be limited. I used to be scared to leave my comfort zone, especially within my career. I work in supply chain operations and up to two years ago, switching to a new shift with less desirable hours used to be extremely intimidating to me.
There was a time when I would never volunteer to step into the unknown shift and would have to be pushed to try a shift outside my comfort zone. After working the new shift I was so intimidated by for a few weeks, I grew to like it. Eventually I became good at it and got comfortable running that part of the operation. Then I went on maternity leave and came back to a shift I didn't choose and didn't feel prepared to lead (that was imposter syndrome coupled with postpartum depression). It was completely different from anything I had done, and I struggled for the first few months. The lessons and skills I developed during that struggle season allowed me grow in ways I didn't know were possible! Eventually I led my team to improve processes. Then I was thrusted outside my comfort zone again to a new shift, kept improving processes and got promoted! All glory to God
On Sunday, I got the opportunity to work the hardest shift with the toughest hours (because it's overnight) and I said yes with confidence! Why? Because I know that there is so much growth an opportunity outside my comfort zone! I also have a strong support system in my husband who makes it easy for me to be a boss mom without worrying about childcare! The more small steps you take outside your comfort zone, the easier it is to dive into brand new things! I can honestly say there has never been a time I regretted trying something new, especially in my career because it always catapulted my growth.
If you're deciding whether or not to say yes to a new opportunity and you have to search for reasons to convince yourself why you should stay within your comfort zone, I urge you to take a leap of faith! Sure, it might be scary at first and you will probably face some setbacks as you get acclimated to the newness in your life. But then you'll find your rhythm and will flourish!
On a side note, Can we get into this blazer dress! when I saw it, I had to have it and bought the pants to match when I want to wear it as a suit. I scored my shoes at a Zara sale a few years ago and I love the bow detail. This was my first time wearing orange and pink together and now I'm obsessed with this color combination!
Dress- Asos | Shoes-Zara

Give Yourself Room: Jumpsuit and Blowfish Malibu Sneakers

Jumpsuit- Target | Sneakers- Blowfish Malibu

Give yourself (and other people) room to grow, evolve, hurt, heal and be happy. All seasons of life will not look the same and that is okay. There will be moments when you feel on top of the world and days where you feel like you are crumbling when things are out of your control. You are blessed, even when certain aspects of your life are not going according to plan. You are blessed, even when you can't see the blessing happening right before your eyes. I've come to realize that some of the seasons laden with struggle and hardship are blessings in disguise because they build character and birth the skills that make room for us to flourish in our winning seasons. Whatever life looks like for you in this season, lean into it and learn from it. Walk in confidence knowing that everything is working out for your good. Remember that you never really lose if you learn a lesson. Have a blessed week!

Special Thanks to Blowfish Malibu for gifting me with these sneakers!

Building Character, Confidence and Compassion Through Motherhood

In my opinion, nothing builds character better than failure, hardship and trying to progress in the face of resistance! In my nearly 21 months of motherhood, I've failed numerous times and often deal with the challenge of trying to make progress with a little human who often resists what I want to do because he is strong-willed and impulsive. My son, Avery, is a great child, but motherhood has become more challenging as he became a toddler. As you can see from the picture above, he often tries to loosen my grasp on his hand because he wants to run uninhibited. What he doesn't understand is that I'm holding his hand because I want to protect him from the danger he could experience if I wasn't holding him. There are so many things that can happen to to a child and I want to keep my baby safe forever.

Recently my son has started throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his way which is the ultimate form of resistance! In those moments, we both get frustrated because we want different things and neither of us wants to give in to the other person. Dealing with tantrums have been my most humbling moments as a parent, especially when they happen in public. Those moments have taught me the importance of choosing my battles. Sometimes I discipline my son so that he knows what is and is not acceptable behavior. Other times, I let him be and give him freedom to express his feelings.

Motherhood has taught me that I am here to be a guide. It is not my job to control Avery, but teach him to be the best version of himself. I won't always be able to protect him, but I trust he will be okay. Last Sunday, we were playing outside and of course he was fighting his way out of my hand. So I let go and he grinned from ear to ear as he ran freely for a few seconds. Then I walked towards him with my arms stretched out so that we could walk towards our home. Avery decided to run away from me and ended up tripping over his feet, tumbling and scrapped his nose. Of course he started crying.  In that moment I felt like I failed to protect him as him mother. I beat myself up silently while I comforted him and cleaned his wounds. However, I later consoled myself by reminding myself that children will run, play and hurt themselves because that is part of life. After I comforted Avery, he was back to playing in no time. Children are resilient and my son loves me even when I feel like I'm failing.

When you feel like you are failing as a parent, give yourself the same grace and compassion you give would give to your child when they hurt themselves. I don't have all the answers to life or motherhood but I'm learning as I grow because I have a great teacher, my son. If I can handle a strong-willed toddler, I can handle anything.

Taking up Space in Life and Style

Top- Forever 21 | Jeans-Old Navy | Shoes-Steve Madden  

Life: May you move through life knowing that you are enough. You will always be too much for some people and not enough for others. You never need to shrink yourself for anyone's comfort. You were made to grow and flourish. Take up space and shine in confidence.

There have been times in my life when I didn't feel confident in myself and would shrink myself because I felt like I didn't belong in a certain setting I was in. Looking back, I simply didn't understand the power that lied in being my true self. Thank goodness for growth, because I love who I am. I worked hard to get here and I know my worth. There is so much power in being yourself and accepting who you are; the good and the flaws. So as you move through life, shine bright and own who you are! 

Style: When I saw this blouse online months ago, I new I needed it for a summer day. The colors made me happy and were perfect for this field I came across. I like to keep my summer style colorful, comfortable and cool and this outfit does it for me.

How to Create more Peace in Your Life

How to create more peace in your life:

1. Focus on good things. When I'm focused on my blessings and the things and people who bring me joy, I can't help but feel good

2. Don't stress over things you can't control. I realized time and time again that the best way to combat a negative situation is a positive reaction. You cannot control everything that happens around you but you can control your reaction.

3. Pray, nothing brings me more peace than talking to God. My life feels out of equilibrium if I don't start it and end it with prayer. My morning prayer literally sets the tone for my day.

Peace is a feeling. There are places and people that enhance it and those who subtract from it. Whatever brings you peace of mind, hold onto that.

How to Style Barely There Sandals for Summer


I'm not usually someone that chases every trend, but when it comes to the barely there heels, you can count me in! I was browsing through Nine West's website last month, when I saw these barely there block heeled sandals and nearly convinced myself to buy them in every color! However, I'm a responsible adult so I decided to treat myself to one pair in one of my favorite colors, blue. I don't usually style my outfit around a pair of shoes but these were too good not to share! Plus they are currently on sale, just in case you want to buy them in every color. The block heel gives the shoe support and makes them easy to walk in. I opted to style my new sandals with a mini skort (yes, my skirt has built in shorts underneath!) and a white top because I wanted to look simple yet chic for a day of fun with family. Now, if we were not living in the midst of a pandemic I would wear this look for a brunch date. Outside may be open but I'm proceeding with caution and minimizing my exposure to large groups for now. So in the meantime, I'll be slaying on sidewalks, parks, patios and of course, the living room. I obsessed with these sandals so you can expect to see them again!

Top-Asos | Skort -Zara, similar | Sandals- Nine West