Taking up Space in Life and Style

Top- Forever 21 | Jeans-Old Navy | Shoes-Steve Madden  

Life: May you move through life knowing that you are enough. You will always be too much for some people and not enough for others. You never need to shrink yourself for anyone's comfort. You were made to grow and flourish. Take up space and shine in confidence.

There have been times in my life when I didn't feel confident in myself and would shrink myself because I felt like I didn't belong in a certain setting I was in. Looking back, I simply didn't understand the power that lied in being my true self. Thank goodness for growth, because I love who I am. I worked hard to get here and I know my worth. There is so much power in being yourself and accepting who you are; the good and the flaws. So as you move through life, shine bright and own who you are! 

Style: When I saw this blouse online months ago, I new I needed it for a summer day. The colors made me happy and were perfect for this field I came across. I like to keep my summer style colorful, comfortable and cool and this outfit does it for me.


  1. Achieving self-love is the best feeling in the world. Your smile brightens my TL ☺️

  2. Self love is truly a beautiful thing. And thank you Maria!

  3. Yes! Dropping gems and looking fly; I love this