A Fashionista's New Jersey packing list

If you are traveling to a new place, it can be challenging to pack a bag when you do not know what to expect, no matter how much research you have done. This is why when I travel to a new place, I always research the weather, take note of the activities I will be doing, and on top of that, I also look at blog posts about what they packed for the same area I am going to. This helps so much because you can just take their packing list and add or take off a few things to make it your own. Here are a few essentials that you should pack for your New Jersey trip:

A good pair of sunglasses
A good pair of sunglasses is a must for any trip you are taking this upcoming summer - they not only look fashionable, but they help protect your eyesight, as well. A lot of people do not know this, but UV exposure can cause cataracts, growths on the eyes and possibly even macular degeneration. The mayo clinic recommends sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. Protect your eyes and look fashionable while doing so!

DSC_0264 (1).jpg

Off the shoulder tops and dresses
This trend is on fire right now and I am loving it. Lately, I have seen a few tops that have the option to be off the shoulder and then have another option to come over your shoulders. This is a great option to pack to follow the fashion trend of off the shoulder tops and dresses, but it is also a great way to get a dress that will give you two looks out of it for different events!

A romper
Rompers are great to wear when you are going to be more active that day compared to just walking through the towns. If you are going to an amusement park, a romper is the way to go! You can be cute and fashionable, but you will also be able to cover everything up when you need to. Trust me, you definitely do not want to wear a dress on some of the amusement rides. There are some rompers that look like dresses, so if you aren’t a fan of rompers per say, I would try one that looks similar to a dress. Some rompers can also double as cover ups for your bathing suit!

A one piece bathing suit
If you are coming to New Jersey, your chances are relatively high that you will spend at least one day at the beach, so I would definitely recommend packing a bathing suit. Right now, one piece bathing suits are in-style! If you haven’t seen or heard of this trend yet, don’t worry. I am not talking about your typical “grandma” one pieces or “I just had a baby” one pieces. There are really cute ones out there! I love searching Pinterest for cute one pieces - you will definitely find trendy ones on there.

DSC_0211 (1).jpg

A pair of wedges
For me, wedges are typically a little easier to walk in. This is essential when you are on vacation because you want to make the most of your time and see everything, so you will probably walk quite a bit. If you want to look cute, but stay somewhat comfortable, as well, wedges are the way to go.

Wrap Dresses
A wrap dress is the perfect option for going out to dinner one night and also browsing the town during the day. The good thing about wrap dresses is the fact that they are acceptable in both casual and semi-formal, so wear them during the day and keep it on for your dinner plans - no need to overpack!

Other essential items to pack:
A good pair of shorts
A pair of pants or jeans
Tennis shoes
Any electronic charges you may need
Clothes to sleep in

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Planning what to pack for your upcoming vacation shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun! I really hope this short list of items helps you out some - I know lists like this always help me when I am traveling to a new place. Remember, no matter what you bring with you, your vacation is going to be a blast!

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