Pink Bell Bottom Jumpsuit

Photographer-Kofi James

Jumpsuit-c/o Orchids and Spice | Shoes-c/o Payless

Bell bottoms have made a comeback and I'm here for it! This curve-hugging jumpsuit from Orchids and Spice is a modern take on a 70s classic and was definitely made for fashionistas who want to stay covered and show their figure. I especially love the off the shoulder top and I hope this trend never goes out of style! This jumpsuit forced me to find comfort with my body. Although you may or may not notice, I gained a little weight between spring and winter and I feel like my stomach is not as flat as it was a few months prior. However, I'm deciding to love my body where I'm at and making choices to put myself on a better eating schedule. So shout out to all the ladies wearing bodycon jumpsuits and dresses no matter what size they are! If you're looking for cute clothes that can be dressed up or down I definitely recommend Orchids and Spice.

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