Pursue Your Passion Until Your Passion Pays Your Bills: Ayana Iman

The goal of theysayash.com has always been to inspire people, whether it be through personal style and fashion, travel, stories on beauty, or reflections on life. A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to start a project focused on people who are pursuing or living their passions and making a living off it or hope to do so one day. So I wrote down a plan and left it alone for about two months. Why did I wait so long to start? Fear. I was afraid that it would fail. However, after thinking about this project nearly everyday for months, I decided it was time to stop living in fear and start exercising faith. Therefore, I'm finally pleased to announce the beginning of the Pursue Your Passions Until Your Passions Pay Your Bills interview segment today by introducing you to my friend and transformational blogger Ayana Iman. I hope to bring you these interviews at least once a month so stay tuned!

Ayana Iman exudes light and positivity, and if you have ever interacted with her in person or on social media, you know what I'm talking about. If not, allow me to introduce you to her: