Weekend Street Style: Black Bomber and Pink Puma's

Photographer: Kofi James

Jacket-Zara | Top-Asos | Jeans-Target | Sneakers-Puma | Bag-DSW | Sunglasses-Ray Ban

I know a style post was long overdue and I'm happy to be sharing my style with you again! I hope you had a terrific and stylish weekend. This weekend was amazing. On Saturday, I attended Ayana Iman's #AuthenticConvos Event and learned how to confidently attain my goals in the midst of fear. I left feeling blessed, empowered, and inspired. The speakers were truly authentic in sharing their experiences and stories and reminded me to believe in myself and my greatness because God's got my back. Sunday was well spent with my boyfriend. We began our afternoon shooting this outfit because I was determined to give you a new outfit post today. Then we enjoyed some middle eastern food at a nearby restaurant, and finally ended our day with the movie "Race" that shares the story of the great track and field athlete Jesse Owens. I highly recommend the film if you haven't seen it already; you'll learn some history and hopefully be inspired to persevere when you're living through trying times.

Now let's talk style. I know you're used to seeing me in dressier outfits but I've been more of a jeans and sneakers girl lately. Yes, I still love my heels, but my feet needed a break this Sunday after wearing heels for most of the day on Saturday and I couldn't wait to break in these pink Puma's. I saw a pair of all pink Puma's on Instagram a few weeks ago and was determined to own them. Unfortunately, I didn't find the exact pair I was looking for but these came pretty close. I was contemplating finding someone to paint the heels of these sneakers pink so that the whole shoe would be pink, but I'm currently liking the contrast that the white heel provides. Anyway, I spent a good hour searching for these sneakers online because every store was either sold out in this color or didn't carry my size. Finally, I checked out lady's footlocker and became a satisfied customer. I'll probably be wearing these sneakers a lot this spring and will show you how I work them into other outfits. This Zara bomber is also going to be heavily worn this year and will make more rotations here on the blog because it's cute, functional, and can be easily work with many items in my wardrobe.


  1. I like your street style lovely and your braids just fit right in with the whole outfit
    have a blessed week