Stand with Confidence, Slay with Style, and Beautify Your Basics!

Photographer-Alfred Sarpeh

Jacket-H&M | Top-Asos | Overalls-Old Navy | Scarf-Zara | Sunglasses-Aldo | Shoes-Nine West

I've been challenging myself to get more creative with my style and beautify my basics because I'm reducing my wardrobe a little bit. No, I'm not taking on a completely minimalist lifestyle right now, but I admire the people who do. However, I have taken on a minimalist shopping lifestyle and maximized my wardrobe by wearing the same pieces several different ways. I wore these overalls last month with my black bomber, a black t-shirt, and black and gold new balance's. This weekend, I wanted to show you a more polished look, so I paired these denim overalls and navy top with my super old shiny copper bomber and colorful scarf to elevate an otherwise simply look. This bomber is my favorite clearance rack purchase ever (don't sleep on the clearance rack)! Adding accessories and/or a fun jacket is an easy way to beautify a basic outfit!

This shoot was one of my favorites to date: the location was filled with beautiful street art, the weather was sunny despite the cold, and I felt confident. However, I felt a little uneasy right before we began shooting this outfit because of the presence of an unwelcome visitor-someone in a red car with tinted windows. This person drove past us about 20 minutes earlier when we were shooting a different outfit on another street. Then when I got into my mom's van to change, she pointed out that the same car parked behind her once, drove away and parked further behind her. Naturally, we felt a little paranoid and thought about changing locations, but I decided to carry on with confidence and pray for safety. So I got out the car, found my photographer Alfred who went location scouting/investigating and we slayed this shoot! After a while, I didn't care that we had an unwelcome visitor because God had our backs, and if the visitor was content to hide in his car and watch us, I was going live like he wasn't there. About 15 minutes into our shoot, the visitor exited his car and turned out to be another photographer who was location scouting. Relief! Thank God he wasn't there to harm us.

Sometimes we are faced with situations that make us feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. These situations leave us with two choices: address our fears and overcome them or run and hide. Yes, it's easy to run away from the things that scare you, but if you run, you'll deny yourself a potential opportunity to build strength and you'll never feel the freedom of overcoming your fears. Thus, I want to encourage you to stand with confidence and slay with style this week. Don't run from a situation just because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Feeling discomfort and learning how to thrive in the midst of scary circumstances will only make you stronger. 


  1. LOVE THISSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE AMAZING, ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Ashley OMG i love love love this blog and your message sooo positive...keep up the good work and girl you definately slayed that outfit

    1. Thank you Shurla! I appreciate your kind words and I'm glad you enjoy this blog.