Pursue Your Passion Until Your Passion Pays Your Bills: Melody Asherman

I'm so excited to introduce you to the fabulous fashionista and designer behind the fashion line Everrything Rrouge, Melody Asherman. Upon seeing Melody's designs on Instagram last year, I knew I needed to meet her and get a few custom Everrything Rrouge designs in my life! Check out the first lovely look she made for me here. Now, let's get to know the woman who is bold, fabulous, and beautiful just like her designs.

Where are you from? 
I was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey

What is your purpose?
My purpose is to create. I was created to create.
When did you fall in love with fashion and designing?
I fell in love with fashion in 2007 and design in 2010.

How does your purpose align with your passion?
My passion is what fuels my purpose.
What is your vision for Everrything Rrouge and who is the woman you dress? 
My vision for Everrything Rrouge is to be a household name like Chanel and Dior for generations to come. I am the woman I dress. "The woman is dress is FEARLESS, BOLD, & STRONG. She's classy with a rebellious side. She makes her own rules and stands out. She's confident and is not afraid to be who she is. You either love her or hate her. She's RROUGE!"
You hosted an amazing NYFW show for your brand in February, what was the inspiration for your most recent collection?
My inspiration stems solely from my culture. My family is from Liberia, West Africa. I got all the fabric for my collection during my winter visit to Liberia. This year I literally wanted to have everything red in my show. Red is my absolute favorite color in the entire world. Red is bold and strong just like me, and I definitely executed that in my collection and fashion show.
Do you have plans to expand in the future? Would you consider designing childrenswear or menswear?
I ABSOLUTELY plan to expand! I will begin designing menswear sometime very soon.

Are there any designers you admire?
I admire Zac Posen. I love the construction of his gowns. Christian Dior is an all-time favorite for me.
Do you have any mentors who helped you on your path? If so, how did you find them, and what advice would you give to someone seeking a mentor in the fashion industry?
I do not currently have a mentor, however I am looking for one

How do you use your passion for good?
I was recently interviewed for Career Girls, a nonprofit organization that was formed with the purpose of touching the heart of every girl with a dream. I collaborated with them on a project that I am so excited to share. I love working with young girls! Check out Melody's interview here.

What motivates you to persevere when obstacles arise?
My faith pushes me. I know God will not forsake me. He promises that He won't give me more than I can bare. I will be equipped to handle whatever comes my way.
Have you ever felt like giving up or lost focus of your passion? If so, how did you get re-centered?
Whenever I feel like overwhelmed or think about giving up, I remind myself of the bigger picture and remember why I started in the first place.
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned while pursuing your path?
As cliche as it sounds, I've learned to truly believe in myself. I've learned not to give up on myself even if others don't believe in my dreams. I have one life and I'm going to live it. My dreams may be too big for small minded people. Everyone won't get it and that's fine.
Can you tell us about a tim that you failed and what you learned from it?
I applied to SCAD in Atlanta for their MFA in Fashion Design and was denied. I literally found out days before graduating from college that I didn't get in and I was crushed. I knew with all my heart that this was the school for me. I mean what was I supposed to do? I had no other plan-that was it for me. I moved back to Jersey heartbroken. I finally got myself together, took some sewing classes, and applied to Parsons for their Fashion design program. Guess what? I got in! Wow. THE number one fashion school in America and I got in!!!
What advice would you give to a young person who wants to pursue a career in fashion design?
Go for it if you really have that burning passion for it.

You work a full-time job and design. How do you balance two careers? 
When you love what you do, you will make all the time in the world for it. Right now I'm learning how to. I'm learning not to overextend myself. It's okay to say no sometimes and make "me" time. I've been doing it and loving it.
What legacy would you like to leave?
I want my great great great granddaughters to know they came from a line of strong women. They can do whatever they imagine, of course putting God first! I want them to be examples to women around them as well as those coming up behind them.
Where can we find your designs?
Website: Everrythingrrouge.com
Instagram: @rrfashionista
Email: Melodyasherman@gmail.com


  1. Those fabrics and colors are *everything*! Where have they been all my life? I might have been more interested in wearing dresses! #tomboy life