Blossom Where You are Planted

Photographer- Kia Howell
"God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn." -Psalm 46:5

Running is usually not an option when you are a leader. Strength is not developed through ease, but through adversity. The way you handle difficulties is a reflection of your character, so be cognizant of how you carry yourself at all times. The past few weeks have been challenging to say the least, but last week was one of the most difficult weeks I have ever had. So many things went wrong, I was sleep deprived and feeling mentally drained. However, I refuse to claim any day as a bad day because I believe that something good can always come out of a tough situation. One thing that helped me through last week was maintaining a positive attitude. A positive attitude and perspective can brighten even the darkest situation. So next time you're having a tough day or going through a stormy time, remember to see the positive side of things and encourage those around you to do the same. Sharing a smile or simply asking someone how they are doing can brighten a dark day and soothe a bad temper. Most importantly, don't quit just because times get hard! I entitled this post blossom where you are planted because you will not always find yourself in the best or ideal circumstances. However, if you maintain a positive attitude, exercise faith, and make intelligent decisions, any situation will become at least a little better because you have touched it. Be like a flower; grow where you are planted, stand out amongst weeds, blossom, and allow your life to bloom into something beautiful!

Thank you to my dear friend Kia for capturing these images! I got my hair braided into this crown protective style last month and I fell in love with it upon seeing the finished product because it made me feel like a princess! I told my braider Courtney that I was going to put flowers in my hair one day to complete my crown. So Kia and I went on an adventure to the park in March, we picked blossoms to put in my hair, and that's how these pictures came into being.

I hope you have a positive and productive week. Stand out like a flower and bring your own sunshine wherever you go!