Spring Style: Watercolors and Gladiator Flats

Photographer-Kofi James

Jacket (super old)-H&M | Top-Asos | Skirt-Lord and Taylor | Shoes-Nine West and here | Bag-Nine West | Glasses-Ray Ban

We're finally experiencing consistent spring weather here in New Jersey which is such a blessing! As much as I love the colors associated with spring, I still find myself gravitating towards dark colors. In an effort to have the best of both worlds, I contrasted this beautiful watercolor jacket with a navy top and green skirt. I completed the look with my new Nine West gladiator flats for comfort and edge. These flats are proof that you don't need to wear heels to slay your outfit! If you're struggling with transitioning outfits from winter to spring, try pairing your dark pieces with pops of color until you feel comfortable wearing full on color. Need a little more help putting together your wardrobe for spring? Send me an email at theysayash@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help!

On another note, can we talk about hair?! If I haven't mentioned it already, I try to wear my hair in protective styles most of time. Why? I want to maintain the health of my hair while retaining length, and I cannot allocate time towards doing my hair everyday. Yes, I love a good fro, banu knot set, twist out, and braid out. However, once my hairstyle gets old and dry my go to look is some type of protective style. I've been giving my hair a break from braids for the last few weeks to allow it to breathe. This resulted in me patiently styling my hair into this big ole bun that required lots of tlc. This hairstyle garnered lots of attention ranging from "it's beautiful", "whoa that's a big bun", "is that all your hair?", "you're wearing a helmet", and a man grabbing my hair. Yes, you read correctly. A man at work grabbed my hair because he couldn't believe it was real. However, what he didn't expect was when my reflexes kicked in and I swatted his hand away from my head. Now I laughed him off in disbelief after I told him to never touch my hair again. While this man and I are "cool" at work,  my space felt invaded and I made sure I let him know that. So on behalf of all woman, please STOP touching our hair without permission. We are not animals in a petting zoo. If you ask to touch a woman's hair and she refuses, respect her wishes! We love that you find our hair fascinating and it's great if you think it's beautiful. However, we would sincerely appreciate if you would respect our hair.    

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  1. loving your outfit ash, you look gorgeous