Puff Sleeve Dress & Pouring into Yourself

Treat yourself like a garden, you have to pour into you and nurture yourself in order to grow and flourish! So I challenge you to do at least one thing each day that brings you joy and nurtures you.
Pouring into yourself can be as simple or elaborate as you like. For me sometimes it looks like being still, reading something uplifting or journaling my thoughts. Other times pouring into myself is spending time in nature enjoying beautiful scenery. Remember to treat yourself like a garden, you have to nurture yourself to flourish and grow!
One positive that has come out of this pandemic is that it has motivated me to do more local and domestic traveling until I'm ready to catch international flights again. These photos were taken in the Colonial Park Rose Garden which is about 20 minutes away from my apartment in New Jersey.  I can't believe I only discovered this Garden a few months ago, but I am glad I did! Also glad that it was actually warm enough to wear this outfit a few weeks ago when it was in the 70s because it's officially getting cold in New Jersey at 50 degrees this week!

For my look I decided to be simple with puff sleeve dress from Target and Bronze Crocodile ankle boots from Vionic. See more of this look and inspirational reminders on my Instagram post here.
Dress- Target | Ankle Boots- Vionic

Career & Personal Style: Make the Room Work for You

One thing I learned in the months and weeks leading up to my promotion earlier in the year is that when you make room for God, He makes room for you. He literally places you in positions and spaces that you prayed for to show you the magnitude of greatness that is only possible with Him. Sometimes insecurity creeps up on me and I find myself striving to prove to others why I deserve to be in the rooms God placed me in. 

As I was journaling yesterday, God reminded me of something I sometimes forget: You deserve to be in every room you find yourself in. You don't need to prove why you deserve to be in the position(s) you're in to anyone. All you need to do is make your position work for you and serve whoever you have been called you to serve. When you cross paths with people in those spaces who try to tear you down with their negative energy, rise above them. Don't concern yourself with matching their energy, just exude your best energy at all times. 

You are a boss woman! You are deserving of goodness and grace. You are powerful, your ideas are powerful, and your voice deserves to be heard! Walk confidently on your journey knowing that you are exactly where you need to be. Make every moment work for you!
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I mentioned that I talked about the importance of shopping your closet in this post. I also said I was going to show you how I style older items in my closet so this outfit is the perfect example. I got this dress 3 years ago from the Tracee Ellis Ross collection for JC Penny and styled them with my favorite nude Nine West Caged booties that have been elevating my looks for years.

How to Style the Cut out Top for Fall + Abundance Mindset


Style: Can we talk about how there are so many amazing and affordable fall pieces out right now!? The cut out top is one of my favorite trends this fall because it adds instant edge to any outfit. I bought this top from Mango's sale during September and could not wait to wear it! I originally planned on wearing it with red sock booties but decided to pair it with my favorite nude caged booties and wide leg jeans for a neutral look.
Top- Mango also comes in green | Jeans-Uniqlo | Shoes- Nine West (old) similar in black here

Life: My mission is to share stories with style so as I was thinking what to talk about with this outfit, I got writers block. Then my mind wandered on abundance. Many people, myself included, aim to live an abundant life. Sometimes this materializes itself in chasing and forcing things that are not meant for us. I know I've been guilty of striving for things that were not meant for me and in the end I felt frustrated and depleted. Then I realized that walking in your purpose is the pathway to abundance. When you walk in your purpose and live with an abundance mindset, you don't have to force anything because goodness flows in you and from you. How are you curating abundance in your life?

Fall Neutrals and Yellow Vionic Sneakers

As we step into a new month full of fall weather, let's remember that there is beauty in transformation. If you want to change, do it! The easiest way to transform your life is by transforming your mindset. If you don't like where you are or who you are, take the steps to change it. Every time you look at the fall leaves changing color and falling off the branches, remember that the beauty only came because the weather changed. 
I'm really excited about transforming my wardrobe for fall! I love mixing my favorite neutral fall staples like this sleeveless coat and jeans with new items like these Vionic Nana casual sneakers. The best thing about my sneakers is the comfort! They are lightweight yet supportive because Vionic prides themselves in making shoes that are actually good for your feet! If you've been following me for a while then you know I love style and comfort because your outfits should make you feel good!
Top-Uniqlo | Sleeveless Coat- Missguided (sold out) similar here and here | Jeans-Old Navy | Shoes-Vionic