Pressure that Pushes You: Choker T-Shirt and Jeans

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Top-Zara, similar here | Jean-Old Navy | Shoes-Nine West | Glasses-Warby Parker

Ever since I wore this dress I decided that red looks good on me so I ended up buying this t-shirt and paired it with jeans to show you one of my simple looks. Since this look is so simple, I thought it would be fun to shoot it against a busy background. I love how all the colors work together on the wall to make a painting that pops! One thing I appreciate about murals is the artist's ability to take something plain, run down or ugly and transform it into something lovely

Sometimes God has to break you down before he can build you up. Sometimes He allows you to work yourself into (or find yourself in) a mess to remind you that you won't be successful until you allow Him to lead and are receptive to growth. Don't allow pressure to crush you. Pressure produces diamonds and if you can withstand the forces you are up against, you will be created into something beautiful. Think about street art, it all starts with paint in a can. However, we're only able to see the beautiful colors of paint come together after the pressurized air forces the paint onto the surface of the object it's intended for. Be strong and courageous. Any pressure you are feeling from your life is pushing your greatness to the surface. Be patient with yourself and stand firm even when you feel like life is crushing you. Most importantly, be open to growth and remember that discomfort is necessary for growth. Allow pressure to give you the push you need to excel in life.

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