Growing From The Concrete

Top- Thread Tank | Jeans-Asos | Shoes- Asos

I firmly believe that the toughest situations produce the most growth. Becoming a mother challenged me to examine my mindset and made me think about the life I wanted to live and what I needed to do create that life. It started with me learning to embrace tough situations and finding a way to function outside my comfort zone. Nothing challenged me like becoming a mother in November of 2018 and the year that followed. Everything was hard for me, from learning how to care for a small human who mostly expressed himself through crying and a variety of facial expressions to adjusting to my position and changes at work. 

It was difficult to deal with so many changes at once, but giving up was not an option. I was desperate for a breakthrough so I spent a lot of time in prayer and found myself in a series of learning situations. I had to elevate my mindset to survive. It felt like everything was happening to me, but in time I came to realize that everything was working together for my good. I can honestly say I've experienced more growth and success within the last year and half than I have in several years combined because I learned to work with what I have, lean on God heavily and bloom where I was planted. 

When you grow through what you go through, you'll develop the strength to bust through the toughest of surfaces. If you find yourself in a challenging season and just want a way out, I encourage you to embrace this season of your life and be open to all it can teach you. You have the power to bloom wherever you are planted! 

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