Everrything Rrouge Ankara Dress+ 5 Reasons why you need to get one!

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Dress-Everrything Rrouge by Melody Asherman | Choker-Asos | Shoes-Calvin Klien

To say I like this dress is an understatement. This dress is rich, glorious, gorgeous and I love it! It makes me feel bold and powerful. I met with my friend/designer Melody to fit this dress after a long tiring day at work, and putting on this red beauty gave me all the life I needed! I pretty much twirled around Melody's studio for a good 20 minutes because I did not want to take the dress off. Melody Asherman is one of the most talented people I know and her craftsmanship is impeccable! I knew I needed to show up in this dress somewhere fancy so I wore it to an African/Caribbean themed sweet 16 party last weekend. If you plan on going somewhere fancy or just want to get something special made just for you, I highly recommend getting an Everrything Rrouge design. Did I mention this dress is great for twirling and dancing? Because you know I love to twirl and have fun in my outfits! If you'd like to learn more about Everrything Rouge and Melody Asherman's designs, check out the interview I did with her here and peruse her website. You'll feel like a kid in a candy store once you see the beautiful variety of her designs.

In case you need anymore convincing, here are 5 reasons why I think you need to get an Ankara Dress made:
1. Unless you plan to coordinate outfits, no one in the room will have the same exact dress as you.
2. You will stand out!
3. You will feel confident knowing that your outfit was carefully and superiorly made.
4. Your dress will fit you perfectly because it was made just for you!
5. You will support a local designer.

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