When You can't Decide What Color to Wear

Belt-my closet (super old)
Shoes-Nine West

Have you ever had trouble choosing a color to wear so you decide to wear 'em all? Well, this was me last week. I was going to  Brooklyn and wanted to wear a dress with some pizzazz. Suddenly I remembered this dress was waiting to make an appearance for almost a year! That's right, I'm one of those shoppers who will buy something and not touch it until the right time, which could be a long time. I love colorful clothing but I wouldn't typically go for a piece that combines so many bright colors at once. However, I was drawn to this dress at first sight (the ruffled shoulder in particular) so adding it to my wardrobe was an easy choice. After all, it's good to step out of your style comfort zone at times. I could have dressed it up with some strappy stilettos but I chose to wear flats because I wore it to a cookout  that didn't have much sitting room and sometimes comfort comes first!

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