Falling for Fringe

Photographer-Alfred Sarpeh
Crop Top-Asos
Skirt- Context via Lord and Taylor
Shoes-Nine West
Necklace-Wet Seal

Fringe is really hot right now, like everyone and their mamas are wearing it!  I'm not the person to buy into every trend, because: 1) trends come and go with the seasons, 2) my financial goals and obligations will not allow me to justify constantly spending money on clothes, and 3) every trend does not appeal to me. However, some trends align well with my style and fringe is one of them. This skirt made me feel fabulous, and I believe that people should wear clothes that they feel fabulous in. Ever since I graduated from college in May and started paying my bills (being a responsible adult is no joke), I have become a much more purposeful shopper. I'm also building my staple wardrobe so I won't buy an article of clothing today unless I think I'll still like it a few years from now. If I have to convince myself to buy something, I probably won't purchase it. If you follow those rules, your bank account will thank you, you'll have a wardrobe you're satisfied with, and you'll still look cute!

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