Ankara Top + Pencil Skirt with Flared Hem

Photographer- Alfred Sarpeh

Top- Everything Rrouge by Melody Asherrman
Skirt- Everything Rrouge by Melody Asherrman
Sunglasses- Just Mariklo
Shoes- Anne Klien

Happy new year! Hopefully you enjoyed some celebratory gatherings, spent time with your loved ones, or did whatever it is you like to do with your time. I spent the night of new years eve feeding the homeless at a nearby train station. While it's nice to party with loved ones during the holiday season, it's also important to remember that there are people who spend their holidays alone on the streets, in train stations, and shelters who need to know that they are loved and not forgotten. There are many people in need and there are several ways you can help them. Remember that a small act of kindness can make a large impact on someone's life.

Now, lets talk about this outfit! One of my friends gifted me this ankara fabric from Ghana last summer and I knew I wanted to turn it into something fabulous. However, it sat in my room for months until I found the right seamstress to make it. When I came across the work of Everything Rrouge designer Melody Asherman, I knew I needed her to bring my fabric to life. I described how I wanted my skirt and top to look, and she created these beautiful garments for me. The best part about getting something custom made is that it fits perfectly. As you can see, Melody has great craftsmanship. If you are located in the New Jersey/New York area and looking for someone to make a garment for you, I highly recommend Melody Asherman of Everything Rrouge. Tell her I sent you!

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