Fall Neutrals: OTK Lace Up Boots and Denim

Photographer-Alfred Sarpeh

Top-Uniqlo | Skirt (so old that I can't remember where I got it) | Scarf worn as Belt-Zara (similar) | Boots-Asos

What I'm Wearing: First shoutout to this skirt. I've had it since I was 12/13 (I fluctuated between sizes 4-8 since I was a pre-teen), wore it a few time over the years and put it to the side. I dug it up last year, got it tailored (because my waist is smaller now than it was all those years ago), and brought it out to play a few times since then. Most recently I wore this skirt with these over the knee (OTK) boots that I stalked on Asos. During last week's blog post, I discussed how to get what you want in life. Well I wanted these boots when I saw them on Asos, placed them in my saved items page, but didn't buy them right away. They sold out in my size a few days later. However, I know that every once in a while an item on Asos will sell out and get restocked. So I checked their website every night for a few days until a pair of these boots became available in my size. I guess they were meant for me! They are so comfortable and the color goes well with so many things in my wardrobe so I feel like a winner. This Uniqlo top is simply one of my favorite basics. So much so that I also bought it in black, navy, and green (if you really like something-get it in multiple colors). If you're looking for reasonable priced basics, Uniqlo is the place to go. No, this post is not sponsored in any way. I just truly love the good quality of Uniqlo's clothes and want to spread the news. Shoutout to my Uncle Derrick for introducing me to Uniqlo in the first place! 

How I'm Feeling: Fall is all about letting things go and embracing change. Something I let go of this fall was a few inches of my hair. I neglected to trim my hair for almost a year which led to split ends and ultimately a little haircut. I was a little sad to see some of my hair go, but my hair felt so much healthier after my haircut. It was also much easier to comb because the comb was not constantly getting caught in tangled ends. Now, I'm not only focused on growing my hair longer, but maintaining it's health. Letting go of my dead split ends reminded me how important it is to release things that are not healthy or beneficial for us. Too often we hold on to bad habits, relationships, resentment, disappoints, etc because we're so used to holding onto the negative things in our lives. They plague us regularly but we still stick to them like glue. However, once we begin to release those things that no longer serve us and hurt us, we begin to feel healthier and freer because those negative things were weights that were bringing us down. When we start to let go, we create space to welcome more positivity and growth into our lives. What do you need to release this week to become a better, stronger, more positive you? I bet you already know the answer! 

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