Stress Less: Bow Top and Pencil Skirt

Photographer- Kofi James

Top-Zara | Skirt-Asos (old) | Shoes-Nine West

Stop searching for sunshine and create it wherever you go! One thing I know for sure is that I have control over several areas of my life, but there are some thing I simply cannot control. I am someone who operates well under stress and in high pressure environments. Stress is a motivator for me. However it also leads to unhealthy habits like forgetting to eat and skipping meals, difficulty sleeping and physical pain. I will admit that I've spent far too much time stressing over things I can't control. Working on minimizing my controllable stress levels over the last few months have been a priority for me and it's been going well because I have made a conscious effort to be better. Recently, I've had many days that most people would consider to be a bad day. However the majority of those days have turned out to be great days for me! Why? Because I accepted every challenge that came my way, solved problems, and made a positive difference. I chose to view my challenges as an opportunity for me to create solutions instead of treating my challenges as problems that were impossible for me to solve. I create the sunshine in dark situations.

The next time you begin to stress over a problem, ask yourself if stressing is going to fix that problem. If the answer is no, release that stress! You'll be healthier and at peace because of it. Have a blessed stress-less week!

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