Birthday Jumpsuit

Photographer-Kofi James

Jumpsuit-Asos | Shoes-Nine West | Bag-AliExpress

I celebrated my personal new year yesterday (birthday), August 20th, feeling blessed, confident, and loved. If I can pick one word to stay true to this year, it's confidence. I want want to wake up each morning feeling confident about the day and fall asleep each night feeling confident that I handled every situation I encountered to the best of my abilities (even if the day did not go according to my plan). I want to feel good with where I'm at in life, even if it's not where I thought I would be because God's plan for me is bigger than the one I've been planning for myself. 

I wore this jumpsuit yesterday along with my favorite summer shoes and bag because they make me feel comfortable and confident. I've never met a jumpsuit I didn't like and this one was perfect for yesterday's weather. Summer is almost over and I'm on a quest to wear all my summer clothes before it ends!

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