26 Trips Around the Sun

My birthday was on August 20th. In honor of my 26 trips around the sun I wanted to share some things I’ve learned over the past year:

1.     The way you speak to and about yourself matters! Your words have power so chose them wisely.
2.     You cannot pray every problem away. After reaching my wits end with postpartum depression, I found a great therapist in May and together we worked through the cause of my depression. As a result, I’m happier and more in tune with myself and the things that trigger depression and anxiety in my life
3.     Self-care starts from your within. When your mental and spiritual health are in order, everything falls into alignment.
4.     Failures and poor choices do not define who you are.
5.     Worrying is a waste of time. How many times have we lost sleep worrying about something bad that never happened? Or how many times have we spent worrying about the past that cannot change? The energy we dedicate towards worry can be spent in better ways.
6.     Don’t stress what you can’t control.