Working for Change: Wrap Top and Wide Leg Jeans

If there is one thing I have learned about living through these current times is that change won't come by simply waiting for it. You have to ask for it, demand it, pray for it, and be relentless in your fight to see it happen! This applies to social justice, your career, and relationships.

This week at work, a  college hire was asking me for some career advice and my biggest tip was to advocate for yourself. One thing I have learned is that people treat you how you allow them. No one will know you have a problem if you don't tell them! So if you are living in a situation you don't like (personal or professional), a situation you have the power to change, then do something about it!

Top- Forever 21 | Jeans-Uniqlo | Shoes-Nine West


  1. Yes. Advocating for yourself is very important. Something I wish I knew when I first started in my career.