Life & Style: Maximizing your Time

When you understand that time is a precious resource, you become more intentional about how you spend it. I don't want to die with wasted time or potential so I decided to become more intentional about how I spend my time. I've lost an aunt and uncle this year and dealt with my fair share of sadness recently over the death of Chadwick Boseman. As I reflect on the lives of these people, one thing is clear: they did not waste time. They all dealt with health challenges and understood how precious their time on earth was. The mere fact that Boseman continued to produce excellent work throughout his four year battle with cancer tells us that he didn't take his time for granted. He poured his time into his craft, touched the lives of his loved ones, colleagues, fans and made every moment count.
As I've gotten older, started a family with my husband and advanced in my career, my time has become more limited. Wasted time can never be restored so I've become more intentional about how I spend my time. I have a lot of goals and several things occupying my mind at all times so organizing myself is essential. Things I have been doing to help me steward my time better are:
  • journaling my intentions/goals for the week and reviewing them often to hold myself accountable
  • putting down appointments in my calendar and setting reminders so I don't forget them
  • making to-do lists and putting them in places I won't pass by like on the wall next to my bed and in the notes section of my phone
  • turning off social media notifications during certain times of the day and close to bedtime because I have a bad habit of scrolling for too long and that time spent scrolling could be used on something productive 
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  1. Hey Ash! You nailed it with this one; turning off Instagram notifications is so crucial! I can be in bed and still find myself scrolling when I could be reading! Thank you for sharing this. It's so vital in today's world. Rooting for ya!!