Bask in Your Blessings + Styling Spring Maxi Dresses

As you walk through this week, I hope you make room to bask in the beauty and joy of all your blessings. You don't have to strive to earn anything God has given you or is preparing to bless you with, just be yourself and walk confidently in your purpose. As a black woman who has now experienced two pregnancies while working full time, I've often felt extra pressure to prove myself. Being a mother doesn't stop me from showing up with excellence but it does impact how I choose to show up. I used to take pride in working myself to the point of exhaustion and then coming home to give my child and husband what's left of me. However, myself has shifted. This pregnancy is very different from my first one and has forced me to slow down and be more present for the people and experiences that money can't buy. 

One life change I've made this year was to release myself from the pressure to show up "perfectly" at the expense of my mental and physical health. I now use my vacation and PTO days regularly and pre-schedule random self-care days because rest is my right and I deserve it. Rest is your right as well, so I encourage you to examine your life and think about ways to make room for your wellness!

This dress is an old favorite of mine! I got it a few years ago from Forever 21 for around $40 if I recall correctly. I was immediately drawn to the colors and how this dress can be easily styled in warmer months as well as layered under a jacket on a fall day. This weekend was my first time styling this dress with my baby bump and I think it's the perfect fit! Maxi dresses are of those things that look great on multiple body types whether pregnant or not and I'm happy to be getting good maternity use out of a non-maternity dress.

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