Street Art and slick hair

The art: I'm a firm believer that beauty exists everywhere, you just have to search for it at times. From an early age, I developed an appreciation for murals. I love how someone can take what might have been been perceived as an ugly or plain wall and transform it into something beautiful. For the past four years, I have traveled through downtown Trenton and often admired its many murals in passing. However, I never had time to just walk around down there and explore the art until two weeks ago. My friends and I decided to take a morning to explore the art and snapped some pictures along the way. We also ventured into an alleyway where we found even more murals! Above are just a couple of the many murals we admired throughout the morning. So, if you're ever looking for some art to admire in the central New Jersey area, I urge you explore Trenton!

The hair: My hair is natural and I often wear it in protective styles for two reasons: to retain length and becuase I'm too busy to do my hair every day. When I have papers, projects, exams to study for, and meetings, my hair is not on the top of my priority list. Thus, I usually select a day to put my hair in a style where it will last me for at least a week or two. Throughout most of my college years, my protective style of choice was two-strand twists. Why? Because they're easy to do, last for a couple weeks, and leave me with a fabulous twist-out afterwards. However, I've gotten bored with my twists over the past year and have been taking time to wear other protective styles. This slicked back bun is one of my new favorites. While this style looks easy, it took a immense amount of patience! My hair is thick and tightly coiled which makes it very difficult to style at times. However, with the help of a wide-toothed comb, a brush, aloe vera juice, ecostyler argan oil gel, and a few hair ties, I was able to achieve this style in about two hours (because detangling my hair can literally last for hours lol)!