Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jeans-Old Navy
Sneakers (also worn here)-Nike

Hey everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. I'm currently studying for finals. I graduate in less than two weeks! Last weekend, I spent a couple hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to complete an assignment for my Islamic art class. The majority of my time was allocated towards viewing the art in the galleries that featured Islamic art (although I did venture into a few galleries after finishing my assignment). Unfortunately, I decided not to share all my pictures from my visit with you because a lot of them did not come out as well as I would have liked (I was rushing to take pictures of as many carpets as I could in a limited amount of time). It was a pretty quick trip because I had a million things to accomplish last weekend and this was just one of them. Thus, I wore clothes that I could move quickly in. This trip was my second visit to the met and I plan to visit more often in the future when time permits.

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