When bad hair days become great head wrap days

Headwrap-H&M scarf
Bracelet-African Market
Sunglasses- JustMariklo
Jeans-Ivanka Trump

Bad hair days are inevitable. If someone tells you that they've never had a bad hair day, they're probably lying lol. I wore my afro out for one day last week and it was glorious! It was one of those obnoxious 'fros that demand attention. You know, the kind of 'fro where you see the hair before the person and can't help but stop and admire. After wearing my hair out for hours, it was dry, tangled, and I honestly didn't have the time nor patience to style it for the next day. As a result, I turned to my time saver for the days when I don't get around to doing my hair: a head wrap. Head wraps allow you to look cute on your bad hair days without having to sacrifice style. Oh and some chic shades can only help your look! Traci Marie Smith of JustMariklo is one of the most stylish bloggers I follow, and her shades are always chic and unique! So, when I was scrolling down my Instagram feed last week and I discovered that she has an e-store for her sunglasses, I decided to treat myself to a pair. If you enjoy eye wear that stands out, check out her e-store and tell her I sent you!

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