Cool Girls Wear Culottes

Culottes-The Gap
I don't consider myself to be a woman who succumbs to every fashion trend. When culottes made their comeback, I wasn't sure if they were for me. I thought they had an awkward length and only looked good on certain people. Fast forward a few months and the awkward length trouser actually grew on me after I realized that the right pair can flatter any woman! I like that they give the illusion of wearing an a-line skirt with the functionality of trousers. However, I had no intent on going out of my way to buy a pair of culottes. I've been trying to do this thing for the past two months where I don't buy clothes unless I need them or can justify the expense to myself. So when I was looking for some jeans in the Gap (I actually needed a relaxed pair) last week, I came across these culottes on the clearance rack and treated myself. I justified the expense because they were super cheap (like $15), versatile, and will live a life of longevity in my wardrobe. I didn't find the jeans I wanted but scoring the culottes at a cool price made me a happy shopper. I wore this outfit for a birthday outing in Philly with a few friends. I knew ahead of time that I would be dong a lot of walking so I made sure I wore an outfit that was comfortable and looked good with heels (for short periods of time) and flat sandals for walking.

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