Make Time for the Things You Love to do

Top & Skirt-JCPenny | Shoes-Nine West | Purse-The Gap | Sunglasses- Ray Ban via Lens Crafters
I had grand plans for the summer at the beginning of June. I was going to travel a lot, visit parks, museums/art galleries, attend fun events, and basically do lots of awesome stuff that I love to do. Well, I traveled often during the beginning of summer between vacations/business trips and attended a few events. However, everything changed as the summer progressed. I quickly became entrenched in my career and that became my life. When I wasn't at work, I tried to accomplish all the things I couldn't during my work week. However, I realized that I was so busy trying to do everything that I often neglected myself. It's so easy to become consumed by the daily routines of life that we often forget about ourselves. That's why I made it a priority to devote time once a week towards doing something that I enjoy. It could be as simple as going out for ice cream with my boyfriend, getting dressed up for church, or simply just admiring the art around me. Last week, I decided to view some local street art and shoot my after-church outfit post simultaneously. Putting on a cute outfit makes me feel good and I really enjoy art. I've always been fascinated by murals and graffiti; spotting walls that local artists transformed into their canvases always catches my attention. What catches your attention aside from work? Are you working hard/smart AND making time for the things that YOU enjoy? Remember, balance is the one of the key factors to living a successful life. It's important to make time for yourself so that you don't get burnt out and become miserable. I urge you to find time this week to do something that you enjoy!

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