You Can't Go Wrong With Classics

Photographer-Alfred Sarpeh

Skirt-Anne Klein
Shoes-Nine West

I enjoy colorful outfits, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that black is one of my favorite colors to wear. When I have to go somewhere dressy like church or a formal dinner, I try to plan my outfit in advance. This planning usually takes in bed the night before when I'm trying to fall asleep or in the morning while lying in bed. Yes, many ideas have come to me in bed. So I put together my original church outfit in my head one Saturday morning, but when I put it on the fit was all wrong! Now, I was starting to run late and didn't have much time to finish getting ready. So I picked out pieces that I knew would complement each other, didn't require ironing (because who has time to iron when you're running late), and ended up with this look. Oh and I threw on my favorite red lipstick, (MAC Ruby Woo) for a pop of color to complete this classic look.

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