Local Adventures: New Jersey Botanical Gardens

Photographer-Kofi James

Flowers and nature are some of the simple things in life that make me happy. Waking up each morning and seeing a vase of flowers on my dresser fills me so much joy. Coming home after a tough day and gazing at my beautiful flowers instantly brightens my mood and reminds me to be grateful for the little things. God is the master artist and He was definitely showing off his skills when He created all the vibrant plants in the world.

I love going on adventures abroad but there is so much of this county that I haven't explored. Thus, I have decided to make local adventures a greater priority in my life. Since I love nature, I convinced bae to drive me an hour north to the New Jersey Botanical Gardens one Saturday afternoon. The drive was scenic and peaceful; we found ourselves passing by lakes we never knew existed and winding through steep roads up the mountains. Now this garden is massive and we got there later than anticipated so we were not able to see all the place has to offer, but we enjoyed what we could. We visited in late April and caught what was left of the spring blossoms. If you plan on visiting the gardens, I recommend you create your itinerary ahead of time. There are several gardens so definitely give yourself a few hours if you want to experience them all.


  1. You look gorgeous Ash, That yellow leather Jacket look great on you!!

  2. ::sighs:: These gorgeous photos makes me want to run to the nearest park and reconnect with nature!!!