Lemonade Jumpsuit mixed with Melanin

Photographer-Alfred Sarpeh

Jumpsuit-Porschstores | Necklace-Aldo (previously worn here) | Shoes-Calvin Klein (similar)

Have you ever worn an outfit and instantly felt a boost of confidence? Well, this jumpsuit DOES IT for me! I literally stared at myself in the mirror for a good 5 minutes posing and twirling (flowy jumpsuits and dresses will always make me twirl) the first time I tried this on! As I was having my melonated queen moment (a queen with melanin), I fell in love with myself a little more because I realized how much I have grown and how comfortable I feel in my skin. Being brown skinned is a beautiful thing and yellow and brown really do look good together. Do you see the melanin poppin'?!

Yellow is a bold and happy color. It's the color you wear when you're living life out loud and emitting positive energy. My friends and family will tell you that I'm a positive person who smiles a lot and will kill you with kindness. However, there were times when I dimmed my light because I didn't know how brightly I could shine. So I shied away from opportunities, talked myself out of taking risks, and did my best to avoid situations that made me uncomfortable. As I have gotten older, I began realizing that I had to let some things go to grow. So I decided to breakup with doubt and fear, grew confidence, and started living life more boldly.

This post is dedicated to all the women and girls who refuse to dim their light. I hope that you continue to live your lives out loud and experience moments of extreme confidence and boldness. This post is also dedicated to the women and girls who have dimmed their light because they don't know how brightly they can shine. I hope you take a risk that makes you a little (or very) uncomfortable and leads to a positive outcome. I hope you realize that you are capable of achieving the goals you ran away from because of fear. I hope you divorce doubt and learn to believe in yourself. Most importantly, I hope that when life weighs heavy on you and discouragement creeps in that you will push through and turn life's lemons into lemonade.

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