Adventures in Philly, Self Care, and Street Style

Photographer-Mike Evans

Sunglasses- RayBan | Overalls-Old Navy (first worn here) | T-shirt- H&M | Sneakers-Puma via Lady Foot Locker

We live in a society where we are constantly on the go, multitasking, and trying to accomplish everything. While it's good to stay active, pausing to take care of yourself is essential for your health. I think as young professionals and creatives, we push ourselves extremely hard because we want to be taken seriously and thrive in our careers. So we come in early, leave late, work from home sometimes, and hardly take days off because we want to prove ourselves. However, this kind of behavior can lead to burnout if you're not careful. One of the mistakes I made earlier in my career last year was not using all my personal days because I was scared to inconvenience the team. I purposely took days off when I knew there was someone readily available to cover for me. My other personal days went unused by the end of the year so I lost them. I forfeited time I earned! What I'm trying to say is take some days off! You've earned it and your company can afford it. You work hard, and the question of who is going to cover for you should not be your concern as long as the person is competent. If you haven't guessed by now, I've learned to take days off every few months and I'm much happier because of it.

While it's nice to think that people care about you and your well-being, the truth is that nobody is obligated to care. BUT I care about you and I want you to know that you need to take care of yourself! People die from stress and lack of self care so make time for yourself. Press your imaginary pause button at least once a day (even if its only for a few minutes) and do something for you! Self care can be exercised in several different ways like getting a massage, sleeping later than usual on your day off, or spending a relaxing day with people that you love. Last month, I took a drive to Philly to visit two of my closest friends and we had a great day! We spent most of our time talking, laughing and staying stress-free! The photos in this post are a few shots my friend Mike took of me while we wandered around Philly. I wanted to be comfortable so I threw on my overalls, a t-shirt, and my pink Puma's. My hair style is a week-old bantu knot out that was killed by the humidity lol (naturals understand).

Have a great week and remember that self care is the best care!

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  1. Ashley

    I really love this post! I've been looking for a pair of overalls for the longest!