Dreaming it vs. Working for it

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters | MUA-Desrae

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"Dreams don't work unless you do." I've been seeing (and hearing) that quote ALOT over the past few weeks. It seems like it somehow pops up in my instagram feed, explore page, or my facebook newsfeed every few days. It's like God and the universe are telling me to make things happen for myself. There is nothing wrong with dreaming; I think dreams keep everyone sane and happy because it keeps hope alive. However, I am often reminded that all we are guaranteed is now. Tomorrow, next year, even next week are not promised, yet we take time for granted. We all have visions for our lives, but are we putting in the work to bring those visions to fruition? Let's wake up from our dreams and work to make them reality. One of the ways to transform a dream into reality is to invest in yourself and view yourself as your own resource before you call in other people to "help" you with your dream. Be careful who you share your dreams with, because not everyone deserves the privilege of knowing your dreams. Some people will encourage you and motivate you to see it through and execute your vision, while others will talk you out of your dream and discourage you from achieving it.

One of the things my friends and I love to share with one another are our goals and dreams; what they are, how we plan on executing them, and even what is inhibiting us from achieving them. A little while ago, I told my best friend about a dream that I have yet to bring to life because I told myself that I didn't have all the resources to make it happen. She basically told me that its time to start working on my dream, because if I keep waiting for all the resources I think I need along with the perfect time, time will pass me by and all my dream will be is a dream. So she told me to write down my dream on paper along with a detailed plan and timeline that I can follow through on. I'm going to take her advice and do just that! What are you doing to make your dreams a reality?

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