One Piece Wonder Denim Jumpsuit + Growing in Greatness

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters | MUA-Desrae

Jumpsuit-Asos | Necklace-Shop Sol | Shoes-Zara

The Look: Everyone has denim in their wardrobe, but if you want to take your denim looks to the next level, get a denim jumpsuit. This jumpsuit really is a one-piece wonder! I dressed it up with these awesome heels I scored during Zara's sale and this lovely leather stacked choker from Shop Sol for a polished semi-dressy look. However, this jumpsuit looked equally great with the flat sandals I slid into later on. What I love most about this wondrous jumpsuit (aside from how comfortable it is) is the surprise in the back. I love the simplicity of the front of the outfit but the open back and bow take this look to another level.

My life: Can you feel the happiness through my photos? Well I hope so because I feel amazing! I'm in a great space in my life and I hope this amazing feeling last forever. My birthday is coming up in a few days (August 20th) and I'm looking forward to it. My father asked me what I wanted him to get me for my birthday, and for the first time in my life I honestly could not think of anything that money can buy. Of course I love gifts (clothes, shoes, and vacations abroad in particular), but what I really want for my birthday (and everyday of my life) is more joy, peace, and an extra outpouring of God's blessings.

Year 22 (I'm turning 23 this year) has been a year of joy, pain, and GROWTH! I experienced so much joy this year and made some memories I will never forget. There are so many people and experiences that brought me joy this year. However, I also learned not to allow other people to dictate my joy because the best joy come from within and is a gift from God. I took on a lot of responsibility this year that did not always bring me joy (at least not initially), worked until the brink of exhaustion and burnout, and sometimes felt like giving up. However, God kept me through my arduous journey and allowed me to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I didn't realize how much power I had until this year. I literally had to step out of my comfort zone and sometimes be forced out of my comfort zone for me to recognize my greatness. When God wants you to be great, nothing can stop you. Trials will arise that will bend and stretch you, but nothing will break you.  Because of year 22 and the experiences it brought me, I have grown in confidence, wisdom, strength, ambition, and love. I know I'm destined for greatness because God showed me this year that the plans He has for me are bigger than anything I could imagine for myself. So I'll end this post by saying that I'm way up and I know I am blessed!

I hope you have a blessed week. Happy Monday!

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