Fringe Leather Jacket for the Win + Halter Maxi Dress

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Dress-Zara | Jacket-Design Lab via Lord & Taylor | Shoes-c/o Payless | Sunglasses-Aldo

I think I'm ready to embrace fall but I'm stretching my summer wardrobe to get more boom for my buck! A great way to get more wear out of your maxi dresses is to pair them with jackets. I styled my dress with this fun fringe jacket to give my look a little edge. The best part? Each individual piece I'm wearing (minus the shoes) were bought on sale and cost $19.99 or less, and the quality is good! How did I find great deals? I didn't buy on impulse and waited for things to go on sale. I initially saw my faux leather jacket in Lord & Taylor during the winter for about $80. I really wanted it but I knew I didn't need it at the time so I decided not to purchase it. I also shop at Lord & Taylor regularly and I know that they have GREAT sales and even better clearance racks! About a month later, the jacket was marked down to about $60, and I thought to myself  "the price will decrease even more, just be patient". A few more months passed and I honestly forgot about the jacket. Then I visited Lord & Taylor in late spring and boom; the jacket was sitting on the clearance rack for a cheaper price and the clearance deal offered an extra 25% off the ticketed price. I think it was the universe telling me that I needed the jacket lol. So I took that jacket to the cashier and presented her with a 25% off coupon on top of the clearance price, and I scored my jacket for under $20 (I think the exact price was around $16 but that receipt is long gone)!

My dress was purchased during Zara's summer sale for $19.99. Zara has two huge sales a year, one in June and one in December. So if you're currently coveting something from Zara, it will probably go on sale this winter if it doesn't sell out first! My sunglasses were purchased from Aldo, which always has chic accessories. These super cute platform sandals were gifted to me by Payless and I love them! They are one of the most comfortable pair of high heels I own. Oh and if you're wondering about my hair, I'm wearing a week-old twist out.

Hopefully this post taught you how to shop smarter and maximize your wardrobe. If you need help in the style department, want to learn how to shop smarter, or looking for a personal shopper, send me an email at I would love to talk style and shopping with you. Have a great week!


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