Mustering Courage: Yellow Leather Skirt and Neutrals

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Top-Uniqlo | Skirt-Zara (similar) | Shoes- Nine West

Winter can be a dreadful season, but your outfits should be anything but dreadful. So brighten up by adding something that pops to your look! Yellow is a cheerful colorful and wearing it is guaranteed to make you feel happy and stand out. Well at least that's what I told myself because yellow is my happy color and seeing it always brightens my day. This skirt makes me so happy that I didn't mind being cold while taking these pictures...anything to share a cute outfit with you! But on a serious note, sometimes a girl want to give a little leg tease and these legs need to breath so this outfit worked great on a mild winter day (45-50 degrees). The faux leather material is lined which made it pretty warm and easier to bear the cold.

Now that we've chatted about brightening a winter outfit with this mustard yellow skirt, lets discuss how to muster the courage to stand up and stand out when it's easy to sit in our comfort zones. One thing I'm learning as a young adult is that we sometimes need to move away from situations when we become too comfortable. Why? Because comfort has a price. Comfort feels good but it won't allow us to reap all that life has to offer. Yes, there are some comforts that we should have and I believe are necessary to live healthy lives like comfort in our relationships and comfort in our homes. However, we should not settle for being merely comfortable, we should strive to grow, learn, and be happy. You know what I learned? Comfort does not always guarantee happiness. Sometimes comfort is experiencing just enough to get by. Oh and comfort doesn't last forever. 

If you're comfortable in your job/career, I guarantee that will change. You will either get bored and seek new opportunities-this is assuming you're an ambitious person. Or, you'll get pushed out of your comfort zone; your shift will change, your assignments and project will change, and/or the dynamic of the team that made you feel so comfortable may change. So the question is do you want to wait to get evicted from your comfort zone or are you mustering the courage to step out on your own free will? When do you know that it's time to leave your comfort zone? It's time to exit your comfort zone when you are no longer being challenged, when you start feeling bored, or when you no longer feel fulfilled. You'll know the time to leave your comfort zone has come when you literally start to feel uncomfortable. Are you feeling uncomfortable with where you are in life? Maybe it's time to muster the courage to change things up and seek new opportunities and experiences.

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