Smile Brilliant!

I've been wanting to get my teeth whitened for years but never took the leap because 1) professional teeth whitening is expensive 2) I've often heard that whitening products weaken the teeth enamel. However after researching Smile Brilliant, I felt like this was a product I could trust.
I found nothing but positive reviews online and their staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the teeth whitening processes. I shared my concerns with them and they assured me that I would be satisfied. The best part? This product is affordable!
The whitening kit came with a products to make moldings of my teeth for the whitening trays along with several packs of whitening gel and desensitizing gel. Once I sent out my moldings, Smile Brilliant mailed me my custom whitening trays within a week. I used the product four times a week for 4 weeks for one to two hours per session followed by the desensitizing gel. I would advise you to use the product every day for a set period of times (as opposed to skipping days between applications) if you want to see faster results.
I chose to space out my whitening sessions over the course of 4 weeks because my teeth can be sensitive and I wanted to be gentle with them since this was my first time using a professional whitening product.

Before and After using Smile Brilliant:
Overall I'm pleased with my Smile Brilliant experience and encourage you to try it if you're looking for a safe and affordable teeth whitening system. Use my code theysayash5 for a discount on We all have beautiful smiles, so why not smile more brilliantly! 


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