Being Bold: Red Off the Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Dress-Zara  | Shoes-Nine West

Red is a color I wear in doses. A few tubes of lipstick, nail polish, a skirt, and now two dresses. I still have yet to purchase a pair of red day. The color exudes boldness and confidence, its definitely not for the faint at heart. I'm a quietly confident person but being bold is not always an easy task for me. Feelings of frustration have been plaguing me lately and I've come to realize that I get frustrated for two reasons: I'm not getting what I need or I'm not being bold enough to voice my feelings and demand what I need. I do my best to avoid conflict, but I can no longer allow my fear of conflict to prevent me from achieving my desires in life. So last week I decided to stop acting like I'm okay all the time (because I'm a very composed person) and exercise the boldness to ask for what I need more regularly. It took a lot of frustration, prayer, courage, and vulnerability to do that but I felt so relieved to tell someone how I felt without caring if I was judged. I guess that's what being bold is all about; displaying transparency and not being concerned if you are judged for your feelings and actions. Your feelings are valid and you should not sacrifice them to make other people feel comfortable. Last week I was reminded that boldness is important and necessary for change. This red dress makes me feel bold. The color itself makes me feel powerful and reminds me not to hide my light or shrink in fear when I need to stand up for myself and my goals. It reminds me to own every part of myself with confidence, even the parts of me that make me feel insecure. So right now I'm owning that I'm a beautiful work in progress and the areas of my life that frustrate me are the very things that remind me why growth is necessary.

Anyway, lets get out of my feelings and into this outfit! I went to Zara one day with the simple intention of returning something. However, Zara seems to always have an item that appeals to my style. So I bought the dress, it made me love red a little more, and now I'm thinking of ways to incorporate additional hints of red into my wardrobe. How do you wear red?

Get the look:


  1. In LOVE with the first two dresses provided for us.! Every now and then when we're not focused on our magic and need a pick- me- up. A red lip usually comes thru for me.!

    1. Thank you for reading Jadejai! Yes I love a red lip when I want to stand out