Belted Midi Coat

Photographer-Kofi James

Coat-Asos | Shoes-Coach (old)

Hey family! I'm so sorry I've been absent from this blog for the past few weeks. You know how much I love sharing style and stories with you and I'm glad to be back. I wore this outfit to church on Saturday...even though you can only see my coat, shoes, and part of my top. I really wanted to shoot my entire outfit for you but by the time I went outside to shoot, the daylight was quickly fading away and it was freezing in New Jersey like 20 degrees! I think all these picture were taken in 4 minutes because I was so cold and I'm still getting over a cold. Anyway I wore this really cute faux leather pencil skirt under my coat that I'll definitely share with you one day. My coat was the real MVP this weekend (well bae was also the MVP for freezing outside with me and taking these pictures ) because it kept me as warm as possible for a classic look. If you're drawn to classic tailored looks, try a belted coat and black pumps.

Get the look:

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