Melanin, Mustard Yellow Pencil Dress and Caged Sandals

Photographer-Kofi James 
Dress-Zara | Shoes- Zara | Bag- AliExpress | Lipstick- c/o Curlfluence and Mix.Melt.Repeat

I'm convinced that God made the color yellow with brown girls in mind. Granted, yellow looks good on everyone but something about it really compliments melanin. If you've been following me for a while, you know yellow is my happy color. I purchased this dress during Zara's semi annual winter sale because I knew it would come in handy for warmer days and sure enough it did along with a confidence boost! You know what else compliments melanin? Nude lipstick! Finding nude makeup that compliments brown skin tones is a difficult task for many of us. Thanks, to the LIPP #MyshadeOfNude #LIPPBeautifully campaign, finding the perfect shade of nude lipstick has become so much easier. When Curlfluence invited me to participate in the campaign, I knew I needed to share my favorite lip color with you because sharing is caring and I care about all of us looking good.  They sent me four nude lip color samples in varying shades of brown and I decided that "Jungle" was the shade that best compliments my skin. You know I always look natural because I'm not a big makeup girl so I was pleased to find a lip color that made me look put together while complimenting my natural beauty.

On a side note: I know I haven't been as present on this blog as I would like, my life is getting busier and busier and most times it's difficult to to find time for both your priorities and your passions. My passions have taken a back seat lately but I am trying to get back to them.  I have always loved fashion and I enjoy sharing my style with you. Thus, I did a photoshoot this weekend featuring this outfit I wore to church. I must admit that I took these pictures in a public place as I usually do, but it's been a while since I felt people staring at me while shooting. Initially, I was a bit camera shy, but then ladies (and guys) started giving me compliments and naturally the shyness wore off and I started feeling like myself again. I felt fabulous! I've come to realize that feeling fabulous is not necessarily linked to how you look but how you feel. Fabulous is a state of mind.