Sunflower Maze + Planting Yourself

 Photographer- Kofi James 

Jacket-Design Lab via Lord & Taylor | T-shirt-Zara | Jean-Old Navy (similar here and here) Sneakers-Addidas via Finish Line | Bag-Primark

When I started planning this blog post, I had an idea of what I wanted to say. I wanted to tell you something super inspiring that would leave you feeling motivated for this week. However, I lost my trend of thought. I hate when that happens! So I'm just going to share these pictures from my trip to the Sussex County Sunflower Maze and hope that these flowers inspire you to be a ray of sunshine this week. No, but seriously, I want to challenge you to be a positive force no matter what life throws at you. You cannot control every situation you encounter, but you have the power to enter every space with a positive attitude and winning spirit. The first step in changing your life is changing your mindset.

Walk into every space with joy. Plant yourself in a place that allows you to grow, and aim to serve someone outside of yourself.

Notes on my outfit: I kept my look simple and comfortable as I knew I would be walking on dirt trails. I added the fringe jacket to my outfit for some warmth and pizzaz.