Running Through Life: Track Pants + Leather Jacket

Photographer-Kofi James

Jacket-Zara | Top-Uniqlo/text design by me | Pants-Target | Sneakers-Adidas

Life is a marathon, not a race. There is no need to sprint when you can travel at your own pace. Don't let society and comparing yourself to others rush you to do something you're not ready for. Like anyone with structure, I've set goals for myself and deadline to achieve those goals. Sometimes I feel down because I haven't achieved certain goals by the time my personal timeline says I should have. However, I've come to realize a few things in the pursuit of my goals:

1. God's timeline is the only only accurate timeline. You can plan every step of your life, but nothing will happen until God allows it.

2. Stay in your lane. Everyone's path is different, even if you have similar goals with other people. How are you rushing to get to the same place as someone else when you are on your own unique path? There are several ways to achieve a goal. Life is full of detours, road blocks, and pit stops. Embrace every aspect of your journey. Nothing happens before its time.

3. You are not yet ready to be where you want to be. Many people buy houses and cars they can't afford which later get repossessed because they are not financially able or responsible enough to maintain them. Your goals are the same way. You can get what you think you want prematurely, but if you are not ready, you will struggle. You may secure what you though was your dream job, but if you don't posses all the skill necessary to do the job effectively or are unwilling to learn them, you will struggle. You may lose the thing you thought would have satisfied you because you were not prepared for it.

4. Growth comes before achievements. You have not arrived at the place you want to be in your life because you need to grow. The next time you compare yourself to someone who has already achieved what you are striving for, remember that you may not know everything they endured to prepare them for and lead them to where they are now. It's taking you what feels like a long time to achieve that goal because you have more growing to do. You'll never get where you want to be if you are unwilling to learn and grow.

5. There is no substitute for consistency. One thing I've noticed about high achieving people is that they are consistent in all things. Be consistently excellent. Consistently work hard and smart. Consistently conceive and try new ideas.

The final thing I want to leave you with is to stay motivated no matter how difficult your marathon becomes. Have a productive week!


  1. You did that! I'm a big fan of the ready to wear athletic look. Very cute.

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